Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The musings of a young Andrew McAdams

So I found the first journal I ever wrote. I figured since no one ever reads this blog, I would post some random things so when someone does come across it, they think, "Huh, at least it was original," or, "Huh, I'll never get that time back in my life."

January 22, 1989 (or there abouts)
I competed in my first meet. On floor I got a 5.4 Vault I got a 5.3...(something eligible). Today I got ready for school. I feel sad in a way but I'm going to fix that. In reading group we're reading Mushroom Magic. I just got in truble. In school I was mad at my class because they made me loose seven minute off of recess. We did spelling at eleven thirty. And them we did handwriting in cursive. We had gym on thuesday. today I have art at one twenty. right now it is 9:15. State meet is coming up. I placed first at (eligible, but the picture drawn underneath the entry shows me on a podium in first with a sign that says, "Junire Olmpis)). Are team would have placed first but we didn't have team score.


Emily said...

hahaha...andy i read this and that is the cutest thing ever!

Whitney said...

that's awesome! you should post some more. p.s. we have your camera. do you want us to send it to you?