Tuesday, June 8, 2010

On or around the date 8/5/90 and 5/10/99

My mom is going to have another baby and it's going to be a boy. My mom's baby is dew in December fifth. We call him jouner (that was suppose to be "junior"). And when Megan is 8 I'll be 16 and when junior (it appears by the change in handwriting that Christy spelled this word correctly for me) is 8 I'll be 17. I love my Grandma and Grandpa very much. One of my great great grandfather's was a Genral (general) (this has not been verified by me). P.S. -Chill

It has been a full year since I've last written. I still need to work on learning from my mistakes. I ended my cross country season prematurely because of bad knees. I ran my worse times ever. Wrestling was a bomb of a year. I cut a good 15 lbs. to wrestle 119 and didn't finish the season due to a coaching dispute. [But] I have discovered the joys of dating... As of now I am dating a young lady by the name R.T. She is very attractive and has a lot of personality. On our first date, R. and I went to see Ten Things I Hate About You... I'll be attending my first prom this Saturday. I'm going with S. A. She's a very cute girl who I know pretty well. About two weeks ago, my brakes went out on the Blazer and I hit a telephone pole. I have to serve 20 hours community service, but I got off lightly with Mayor Bender. Good night.

While it is a cardinal rule never to use the word 'nice' and 'cute' while describing an individual because those words really translate into 'nice'- an adjective describing an individual that you can put up with after knowing them for over a month- and 'cute'- an adjective describing a person that is really not cute, but due to pressure and a deficiency in vocabulary, means the person anyone other than you should date. Now that being said, 'cute' as being used in my journal simply refers to someone attractive and beautiful, but perhaps a wee shy. I can claim this, as it relates to my journal, because if the girl was not cute, in my journal I would just write she was ugly. And besides, I would not be going to prom with a non-cute girl.

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