Thursday, September 29, 2011

Deep Yoga Thoughts Day 2

       I have completed my second day of yoga, and once again, it was interesting.  As I guess is usual, I entered the room, and the room was dark.  It reminded me of all the sitcoms or movies when the couple is about to copulate (that means sex, but I am trying to keep this blog PG for any young readers), and one turns on the light and the other gets all angry/embarrassed because she has beauty/ confidence issues. As a guy, I can see how that can be disappointing.  I start making out with Natalie Portman, turn on the light, and it's really Mila Kunis.  Actors lives are so hard.
This picture is hideous.  I hope they never make a movie where the two make out.
So anyway, the low level lights just wasn't inspiring.  What do these yogi have to hide?
       On a lighter note, I did a ton of downward dogs today.  Unfortunately all I could think about was my oldest brothers diatribe on the "pooping dog" in Afghanistan that was in his last e-mail.  Here's a link for the adventuresome.
       And lastly, as I was in the locker room, basking in the smell of lavender and preparing myself for departure, I noticed there was only one shower with a shower curtain.  Considering the number of men that do yoga (not a lot), I guess this serves the needs, but I just thought it was anti-yoga.  I am not saying we need to go back to the India bathing in the river yoga, but I was expecting something more communal and efficient.
No worries about peeing in the shower here.
In high school, the communal showers were a place were teenagers could unwind, talk about there day, and as a freshman, feel embarrassed by the seniors.  Sure there were some awkward moments when someone dropped the soap, but nothing terrible ever happened unless your initials were M.G., P.C., or C.P. (these were all unrelated to soap).  And if your initials weren't there, the worse thing that ever happened was a heavyweight drinking Mountain Dew while peeing on a freshman's leg.  And given how cold the showers always were, that pee might have been the difference between life and a hypothermic death.  Instead, yoga decides to have only one shower and send the message of anti-bonding and anti-community.
Nothing promotes bonding like communal showers.  Plus it's a great place to practice bikram karate.

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