Saturday, October 1, 2011

Deep Yoga Thoughts, Day 3

       I went to my third session of Core Power Yoga 2, and this time I went during the daylight hours and was able to see yoga's true form (think Plato's cave, but without the symbolism).  The lesson I learned from the daylight yoga was 1) even I look better in the dark and 2) having my feet so close to my face made me confront the fact that I really have ugly toes (thanks climbing).
       Anyway, I arrived early, got a premier spot in between the two other guys (no homo), rolled out my yoga pad, and then commenced sitting on my butt.  Looking around, I noticed all the other people stretching and doing poses.  This caused some confusion as I thought yoga was essentially deep stretching.  I equated it to jogging a couple of miles to warm-up for an instance walk.  To each there own (see how yogafied and accepting my mind has become).
       The instructor was pretty awesome, and once we got started, she provided some help.  No I don't want to be all un-yoga, but when before correcting my child's pose, a yogi should simply say, "Permission to make bodily contact."  Honestly, I don't know Ms. Yogi and adjusting my hips much less giving me a small back massage while I am in the child's pose can come as a shock.
     Otherwise, nothing eventful happened in yoga today.  I didn't even have to fart during it.  I guess it was the previous two sessions where I released all the noxious gases.  I did resent the middle-aged guy next to me grunting the whole time like he was giving birth, but in the spirit of yoga, I let it slide instead of using the Dhalsim yoga punch on him.

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